Term & Condition

Refund Policy

All donations (Tithe and/or offering) made to Seventh-Day Adventist Corporation (M) Bhd (legal entity of Seventh-day Adventist Church in Peninsular Malaysia, herein "SDAC" or the "Church"), are voluntary and therefore, non-refundable.

Donations received will be used to support the mission as well as the welfare and charitable initiatives of the Church or as indicated in the additional information as found on this site.

Part of the donations collected is dedicated for the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, which is in line with the systematic sharing of resources within the Church globally.

Official receipts (hardcopy or softcopy) will be issued at the point of donation being made. Should any transaction fail during the clearing stage through our payment gateway, donor shall be notified via email address as filled in the donation form (if any) of such transaction and shall be requested to perform the same again. Should donor fail to be contacted, the donation shall be nullified and the original receipt issued shall be recalled and cancelled.