Giving by Faith

AdventistGiving is an electronic platform that facilitates your return of tithe and giving of offerings to Seventh-day Adventist local churches in Peninsular Malaysia.

Preparation is key in Biblical times when it comes to offering. The unblemished offering is to be prepared before being brought to the sanctuary/priest. In a similar manner, in modern days, planning and budgeting are equally important in preparing our offerings. Whenever you are ready during the week and would like to do it immediately, is ready for you.

If your desire is to give back to the LORD all the firstfruits of your labor as soon as you have them, is ready for you.

While the act of giving is best depicted with physical presence in the House of the LORD, online giving fills in the gap when you are unable to make it there for a variety of reasons, such as away from home church, unwell and having to stay home, etc. In times like that, is ready for you.